Creating a Functional Small Bathroom in Your Minimalist House

The bathroom is important in the house that has to make that place feel comfortable when you be there. But when if you have a minimalist house? it is doesn’t matter because you can make the small bathroom in your house but the bathroom must clean, and fragrance so that when there is a guest visit to your house and want to go bathroom it so comfortable. But how to design the bathroom so that interest even though in the minimalist house. don’t worry and don’t panic because you don’t need to have a lot of money you only must have a smart idea to design a beautiful bathroom. Are you curious about the design? You can look at below:

Minimalist bathroom with monochrome that makes elegant

If you have a minimalist house but you want to design bathroom, you don’t worry because of you can use this design with pait the wall with the white color and give the black color to the floor, you can also give a plant or flower in the corner to make a nice beautiful bathroom and you will feel comfortable when you go to bath.

Give the wood materials in the minimalist bathroom

To design the bathroom become a nice bathroom, you can give wood materials in your bathroom. And then, how to make it? for example you ca give a natural stone on the floor and then you can add the wood material to the wasteful and the ceiling. This idea can make your bathroom more beautiful than before although it just a small bathroom. And don’t forget to the decoration in the corner like a plant in the pot or flower, or you can also give a castus in the corner. This decoration make you comfortable when you there.

Make the rustic style in your bathroom

Have a small bathroom is no problem. Because you can design it become a beautiful bathroom although you have no a lot of money and you also don’t need to do a renovation, because you can need to mix and match between material in the bathroom. For example, you can change the ceramics floor to become the wood floor, and then you can also add the wood material to the ceiling. So that when you look at the bathroom can give a rustic and warm effect.

Give the full black color can make elegant

The small bathroom in your house is doest matter, and you can make the bathroom become elegant with you give full black color to all of the walls in your bathroom. But not only to the wall, but you can also give the black color to the floor so that you can look at your bathroom so elegant and luxurious. And then you can also pay attention the lighting. You can give warm lighting and don’t forget to add a green plant in the corner.

Design the modern bathroom

No problem, if you have the small bathroom, because of you, can change the style become modern. And how to make it? you can only change the color to become full grey in the bathroom. You can match with the wood materials to the floor or shower so that give a minimalist modern bathroom.
That’s some design to your bathroom if you want to change the style but you have a lot of money because of you only can mix and match the color and some materials. So, which design is your favorite? If you find it. so what are you waiting for? Change your bathroom style right now!

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