The Wonderful Rustic Kitchen design In The Minimalist House

If you want to live like naturally, you don’t need to build in the woods. Because you can design part of the room like in nature, for example in the kitchen. Why must the kitchen? Because in the kitchen you will much activity for your family, like cooking, prepare the food, eating together. So if you want your kitchen look in nature you can change the kitchen. For example, you can use the rustic kitchen idea. And then you don’t need a lot of money to change to buy some materials because you only need a natural material, like wood. If you want to design your kitchen to become a rustic kitchen, you can see the design can you look at below:

Rustic kitchen design in the wall

To get rustic nuance in your kitchen, you can begin from the wall using the exposed bricks without plaster. Actually, not only exposed bricks because you can use the natural stone in the wall. Why must with the exposed bricks and natural stone? Because they can able to give a warm impression like in the countryside. But, you can remember, if you have no a lot of money, don’t need to change the wall use the exposed bricks or natural stone but only part of the wall.

Actually not only exposed bricks or natural stone can you apply in the wall because you can apply wood material in the ceiling or on the floor can give a rustic style in your kitchen. But indeed you have to do little renovation in the kitchen. Not only to the ceiling and the floor you can also apply the wood to the small ornaments like the cabinet storage, table, chairs, rack, and the other ornament in the kitchen.

Rustic kitchen design in the furniture

Not only to the wall, floor, or the ceiling, you can apply the natural material to the furniture in the kitchen can make the rustic style. And not all you use them naturally in the furniture because you can mix and match between the iron and the wood furniture in the kitchen. To result in the strong rustic effect in your kitchen, you can use the natural color like brown.

Rustic design in the lighting

Warm light or faint yellow and warm lighting can you apply in the kitchen so that gives a rustic effect in your kitchen. The lighting like that will be given a warm impression like you there in the countryside. for example, you can put the crystal warm light in the center and don’t forget to put the warm small lamp in every corner to give warm effect and make you comfortable like the rustic style.

Add a fireplace in the rustic kitchen

And the last design when you won’t change the kitchen style to be a rustic kitchen design, you can ad the fireplace in your kitchen. Why must the fireplace? Because with you add a fireplace in the corner of the kitchen, it can give a rustic effect as you live in the countryside. On the other hand when you make a fireplace in your kitchen and when rainfall you can use the fireplace to warm your body and then will make the live rustic nuance in your kitchen.

And then if you want to design your kitchen rustic ib your house, you don’t need to have a lot of money to do a renovation in your kitchen because it so wasting time, but you only need natural materials for your kitchen like wood, natural stone, exposed bricks, light paint, and the other material and you can make your kitchen become a rustic kitchen, and good luck to try it!

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