Designing Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen Retreat

The limit room can make you lazy when cooking in the kitchen, but if you want to fun when you cook, you can make an outdoor kitchen if you don’t a lot of budget for making a kitchen indoor. kitchen with outdoor theme also makes you happy with cooking.

So, do you interest in making it? If ya, you can look at how to make the kitchen outdoor below:

Rooftop kitchen

Do you have a rooftop in your house? if you have a rooftop but you never use that rooftop, you can renovation became a kitchen. Even though cooking on the rooftop can feel happy, you also can be cooking and eating with look landscape from your kitchen. So? How if rain? you can make some material will protect you when rainfall, and you still can cooking although rainfall.

Make kitchen plants

When you make an outdoor kitchen, you can mix and match flowers and plants in your kitchen. This way can make the atmosphere when you cooking in the kitchen became you in nature. On the other hand, you can make a wall in the kitchen by adding vines. This theme will make you like cooking in a beautiful garden.

Shilap design for outdoor kitchen

A designed name Shilap has to make a kitchen outdoor like a beach theme. If your interest wants to make your kitchen like this, you don’t need to have a house near the beach, you just need hanging wicker lanterns for adding beach theme. On the other hand, you also need some tall chairs and tables from the woods.

The black concept in your kitchen

When you choose black color for the wall in your kitchen outdoor will adding impression modern and chic. Don’t forget to save some plant’s pot and some unique lamps will give an elegant impression when the people look at that. The closed ceiling with wood material also gives the natural atmosphere in the black color.

Barbeque kitchen

If in your house there is the kitchen, you can also renovation a new kitchen in the garden with a barbeque theme. This design very unique with ceiling wood with white color. The wood material not only use for the ceiling but you can also use it in the table, chair, and other furniture. On the other hand, you can give some plants or some flowers to make your kitchen more beautiful.

Semi-outdoor kitchen

If you want to have a kitchen protected and become part of your house, maybe this way is suitable for you. In the out of your house maybe you can give a blue color to the kitchen cabinet. To take advantage of the long cabinet in the kitchen can become to save some foods, seasoning, spices, and other materials. On the other hand, you can also use the cabinet as the food bar table.

Mini kitchen

For you have a limit room in the house, you can make a mini kinhen sized 70 metre. Don’t forget to make it near gazebo will make you fun when you cooking in the kitchen.
Kitchen near the fish pond

If you have a fish pond in your house, you can do the small renovation to make the kitchen faced to the fish pond and base from wood material. Of course this way it is very simple and unique. Think when you cooking with fish, you don’t need to find the fish in the refrigerator or buy in the market, because you can directly catch fresh fish in the pond.
So, for you have a minimalist house with limited room, don’t worry, because you can use these ways above can apply in this house.

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