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Make an office in the house will be fun and happy and can make more privacy. The difference is the home office smaller than a room in your office. Many people often make a home office because they can not finish the task in the office.

If you want to make a home office in your house, you only need a space in your house. you can see some ways below to make home office design in your house. if you are curious, I will give some tips to make a home office in the small room but look wide, fun and comfortable.

Interior design and decoration home office in the small room

If you only have a small room in your house, you have to make it look beautiful and elegant. Began attention to layout, storage, color, and types of furniture. You can also put a big sofa can use to break or sleep if you feel tired and you can give some wallpaper to result from the home office look so beautiful.

Interior design beautiful minimalist modern office

If you have a home office in your house it will give you so many advantages if you cannot finish your task from the office. But you can décor that the office can look so beautiful and can make you comfortable. Especially if your house is minimalist, so you can be smart to mix and match the types of furniture and color in the office. To create a minimalist modern home office you don’t need to renovation your house, you only need to organize that types of furniture like a set of table chairs for work, you can also put some plants or flowers can give natural effect and you can put the table face to the window. So, if your eyes feel tired because too long a staring monitor, you can break for a while and look at the beautiful landscape from the window.

Tips to make a home office look wide

If you have a small room, but you want to have a home office, it is doesn’t matter. And you don’t need to renovation your house, and you don’t need to put in many types of furniture. Because you just can put some types of furniture that you often use when you at like a table and a chair, and maybe a sofa for a break.

Choose home office design with the rest of the room

If you have a small space in the room, you have used for the home office, although the space so small, but you can decorating the room can look beautiful and you don’t need to renovation. And How to? The way is you can make a table in the corner of the room. The way can make that room look wide because you make a table in the corner and you still have a little space to save some of the types of furniture.

Not only about the table in the corner, but you can also change the color of wall in the room, for example use white color in the wall that became look the room so wide. You can also use lighting in the room. And remember! Don’t put some big furniture because if you do it, the room became crowded and makes you feel bored and maybe you can also feel little dizzy. So just put the small furniture just for became an ornament.

So, if you want to make a home office in your house, but you don’t need a big space, it doesn’t matter because you can use the ways above and good luck.

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