Strategic Kitchen Remodeling: Brilliant Concepts for Minimalist Residences

Kitchen design the most liked is the minimalist kitchen. With the minimalist kitchen, you will feel cozy and comfortable. Design kitchen minimalist is an efficient concept for people who have a small house. With the kitchen minimalist difficult to storage in the kitchen, so you can do kitchen remodeling and you can feel comfortable when you were in the kitchen. The way is below:

Selection paint

To give a wide effect in your kitchen, you can combine light color in the kitchen like white and don’t forget to combination with the types of furniture color.

Storage hack

Not only paint can make the kitchen look wide, but you can also pay attention to small cabinet in the kitchen to save some types of furniture like glass, plate, bowl and the other furniture that you have or seasoning to cook.

The floor to small kitchen

If you have a small kitchen but you want to look wide so you don’t need to renovation. You only have to mix and match the floor and the wood pattern and give some carpet like around the room or near to the refrigerator.


If you want your kitchen to look wide, you should pay attention to the lighting in your kitchen. You can use light from the sun or use light from the lamp. because the light effect can make your small kitchen look wide.

Use the wall not use

In the minimalist house, we should save room, because if we can’t save the room, automatically our house will be looking not interested. And the way that your kitchen looks wide, you don’t need to renovation, but you only need to use the wall to save some small furniture.

Make the rack suitable with the furniture

At the cabinet in the kitchen, make a rack with too high variation suitable with the size of your furniture that you save in the kitchen. For example, when you often use some bowls because you like cooking pudding and the other cook. Safe the furniture to make easy to take by you. And then the storage cabinet will contain maximal.

United color in the room

Many design interior like mix and match wall and the other color. Like cabinet, floor or the other furniture, and the best in a light color like white. And when you apply white color, and then your kitchen looks wide and comfortable.

Adding a big mirror

Adding a mirror not only for in the bedroom or bathroom. You can also add a big mirror in the kitchen. The especially characteristic of the mirror is can give a wide effect in the room. For example, you choose cabinet minimalist with the door made from the mirror. Add a mirror to the door will make the room in the kitchen lighter than before.

Additional basket

If there is a gap between the ceiling and the cabinet in the kitchen, you must do the little renovation. You can put some basket to save stuff that often you use in the kitchen. But these ways are optional, you can follow this way, if you not follow, so doesn’t matter.

Attention air circulation in the kitchen

Even though your kitchen is room in the back of your house, but it is you have not to pay attention to air circulation in the kitchen. Because when you cooking, comfortable will depend on air circulation. And how air circulation awake? You can use a big window. And it is some ways to create the kitchen remodeling in the minimalist house. Not all have to do renovation because if you have no budget for renovation, you can mix and match the color in your kitchen and good luck!.

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