How To Create A Great Kitchen Island Design?

Kitchen island. Do you know the kitchen island? Kitchen island design is model of the kitchen with table or cabinet put in the centre of the room, and the cabinet has a function like prepare cooking or like to eat together with a still many the function.

To make a great kitchen island, maybe you have to do little renovation in your kitchen.

How many area spaces to make a kitchen island?

Many people want to make a kitchen island in them a house, but they don’t know how to make it. Actually, you don’t need wide space in your kitchen, because of the kitchen island design for who have a small kitchen. You have to know the kitchen island become a recommendation from a design interior for make a kitchen look perfect. If you have a plan want to create kithen island, you have to know about do you have some space in your house?

If not, don’t too force because sure there are the other way. You can use a peninsula style if you have a small space. Bur don’t to assumed if have no some space in the kitchen you can’t create the kitchen islan, of course it is the wrong statement. Because there are types and model can suitable for small space. So don’t give up to create the beautiful kitchen island in your house.

Spatial division kitchen island

When you make a kitchen island and do some renovation, you should pay attention to position to leave a gap between the edge of the table. The areal distance is about 1 metre. When trying an island, what you should pay attention to is its position to leave a gap between the edge of the table on the back of the cabinet and the edge of the island table. The space between the two work areas is part of the clearance zone. The ideal distance for this clearance zone is about 1 meter. This distance can provide flexibility and allow free and safe movement around the island and throughout the kitchen area. To have a great result from the kitchen island, you can mix between the cabinet and the storage.

How many the size of kitchen island design?

There are so many people ask how many the size from the kitchen island? Are small or are big? There are some variations about the kitchen island but the size recommendation is only 1 metre. 1 metre is a small size, but this is can make storage hack some stuff in the kitchen. On the other hand, you can pay attention about design of the kitchen room. For example, you can give some neutral colour to make you comfortable when you were in the kitchen.

But remember one thing! Use the table for the kitchen island is small and don’t too big because the big table can make your kitchen look so boring and you also make lazy when you should be in the kitchen.

It is about how to make the kitchen island design but the small space. Now you knew if you want to create a small kitchen in your house, you don’t need small space, and when you won’t make more comfortable when you were in the kitchen you can also mix and match the layout and the furniture. But remember. Don’t use big furniture in the kitchen and don’t use many furniture because it can make your kitchen look crowded. If you want to feel natural, of course, you can apply plats or flower into the kitchen. It is so simple, right?

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