Inspiring Ideas for a Trendy and Functional Teen Bedroom

Every parent wants to see them teen happy. So every parent will make a good design in the teen bedroom. because every teen needs a room for sleep, break, and study hard. And how to design it? it is so simple. As a parent, you have to know every characteristif of your teen and make the bedroom suitable with them characteristic. But how if the bedroom narrow and have no a lot of budgets? It is doesn’t matter. You can make it with a great idea to make the bedroom.

Teen bedroom not only for sleep

You have to know every teenager very active and you must design make multifunction room. How to do? Because that room not only for sleep, but fot study and the other activity, This bunk bed design can make a bedroom many things. You can put the bed, cabinet table and chair for study and the other materials. This room is suitable for teen that’s like study and read a book. If in that room there is still space can use to do play or small sport like yoga.

Stuck to the wall

Are you an idea to make the der in the room stuck on the wall? Every furniture like bed, cabinet and the rack can make stuck on the wall so that many spaces in the room to do the other activity. Not only every item of furniture stuck on the wall you can put a folding study table in the bedroom.
Make many storages in the bedroom

If you have a teen like reading a book or only collecting some books like a novel, short story and the other book, you can make the bedroom with putting some storage to put a collection of the book. For example, you can make a headboard like a cabinet to put every item of furniture. This idea sure makes the bedroom look wide and comfortable for every teenager.

Contemporary colors and motifs

To make a teen modern bedroom you can also mix and match between contemporary colors and motif. And then, like what? But this design only for girls. Because every teenager’s girl likes vibrant colors and contemporary motifs. For example to mix and match the bedroom you can give a light color un the wall like light grey, and then you can mix that color with the turquoise color. After that to make the bedroom like contemporary motifs you can adding polka-dot motif on the wall.

Mix and match the color in the bedroom

Color in the bedroom sure can influence the teenager’s bedroom. even though the color can give beautiful effects, the light color makes the room lool like wide and comfortable without doing a renovation. For example, you can choose the white color for a dominant color in the bedroom. But, if you don’t like white color, you can change with crème, grey, pastel, and the other light color. And if you want to mix eith the vibrant color like red, blue, orange and the other. Of course you can apply in the room but only use it as a pallet. Because if you mix and match all of the colors between the light color and the vibrabt color will make your bedroom look narrow.

Design the teen bedroom become expression space

If you have a teen boy, usually boys like with the mural and gravity. so your teen does not damage the other furniture, you can put the one big blackboard like wallpaper. But you can also use the other ways with order your teen paint gravity on the wall if you have no a lot of money to buy a bi blackboard.
So, for you have teenagers in the minimalist house but you won’t give a surprise, you can make the bedroom for them like the ways above.

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