DIY Mix and Match The Color for Modern Home Exterior 2024

Do you feel bored in your house? Maybe because of the exterior look so bored and make you not feel comfortable when you in the house. but if you want your house looks so beautiful, you can mix and match items, color became the modern home exterior.

Talks about esthetic, so many colors for home exterior. Began to soft and contrast colors, all of them have a characteristic that suitable for the tone and character from those colors. For you feel curious about how to make mix and match your home became the best modern home, you must stay here because I want to give you a reference for home sweet home. You can look it below:

Mix and match the monochrome color

First, if your home wants to look like a beautiful home, you have to change the color. For example monochrome combination. Monochrome is one of the safe colors if used on the home exterior. This color showing the simple for a minimalist house. But the appearance looks elegant. You can makeover your colors house became white and grey because of the colors a simple showing exterior monochrome.

Do you know? Monochrome not only for the colors, but you also can mix and match your plants and material expose like white from the white rose and the grey wall. And the monochrome not only talks about white and grey but there is the other color like brown and creme that will make your house look more elegant. White and brown also still monochrome more contrast but elegant. The color monochrome not only for walls or plants, but you can make the color for another item like a door,

window, floor, and the other items in your house. You also can renovation your color of home became the white color for the wall and you can brown for the other small items.

Mix and match the complementary color

Even though monochrome, you can also use the complimentary composition. The complementary color was so interesting if you mix and match with the home exterior and make your house look contrast and cheerful. For example, you can use the color pink and green. You can apply a pink color for the wall and the green you can apply for the plants around the house. Not only pink and green, but you also make another color like orange and blue. Orange can your application with the wall and blue can your application to the door, and that color will make your home look contrast and cheerful. The other way you can make the opposition like make the blue-color more dominant with orange.

For example, you use blue from the wall and orange color from the window and the door. This application color makes the home exterior look like cool and cold. Even though that, there is still so many colors can your combination for your home. You can use the purple and yellow color in your house. And the other color like dominant green and combination with red color also became more contrast and complementary. The complementary color also can you combination with the cloud blue and orange, the cloud blue you can combination with the wall and the orange can your application with the lamp. Actually, you not only combination

Mix and match colorful

If you want to change your home with some base color, you can use color in your wall. exterior home cheerful must no use bright color. You can combination yellow and the dark color like black. Blue and yellow and the other colorful.

So, if you wanna have a dream home, you must no renovation at an expensive cost, because you just can mix and match like color above and good luck.

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